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Birding tours in Guatemala led by Knut Eisermann and Claudia Avendaño, authors of the recently published Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Guatemala (Lynx). We operate exclusively small group birding tours in order to keep our impact on the natural environment as low as possible, to guarantee the best possible birding conditions, and to ensure personalized service. Tours can be guided in English, German or Spanish.

Responsible Action:

CAYAYA BIRDING currently supports the following activities:

* Christmas Bird Count at Tikal - organization, funding support, and data compilation of the Audubon Christmas Bird Count at Tikal National Park.
* Consultant for local birding tourism. Advised y Cayaya Birding, Los Tarrales Reserve and Chelemhá Cloud Forest Reserve developed as world-class birding destinations.
* Publicity for Guatemalan birding destinations. Cayaya Birding has developed several web sites to promote birding, incluyding www.tarrales.com, www.chelemha.org, www.reservapatrocinio.com
* PROEVAL-RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program, funding support for monthly bird counts in Alta Verapaz and for scientific publications.
* Support for the Ornithological Society of Guatemala (Sociedad Guatemalteca de Ornitología) - we developed and we are sponsoring the web site of the Ornithological Society of Guatemala, and support the creation of an ornithological library.
* Sustainable tourism in the Yalijux mountain range. We support the local Guatemalan NGO UPROBON by helping to develop a sustainable tourism program in this cloud forest area. For more information visit the Chelemhá web site at www.chelemha.org
* Local nature guides in the Chelemhá cloud forest reserve. We helped three community members in 2003 to became nature guides, in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde, Germany, and the Chelemhá Cloud Forest Reserve.
* Local birding guides in the Los Tarrales Reserve. We helped several community member to become specialized birding guides, in collaboration with the Los Tarrales Reserve. For more information about Los Tarrales visit www.tarrales.com






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