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We are a legitimate & registered tour operator based in Surabaya with branch operation office in Bogor nearby Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali & Medan - North Sumatera



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Base PriceUSD100
Our tour starting fromUSD20

Lintang Buana Tourism Services is not big company, in fact we're just consisting of 14 persons which 10 of us working in Surabaya, and the others (all locals) act as our representative who in charge about travelers needs on their area (1 in Bogor, 1 in Yogyakarta,1 in Denpasar-Bali and another one in Medan), like preparing the transport, acting as a tour guide (if we need more than 1 guide then we use a freelance tour guide), and other operational aspects as well as administrative jobs.

Despite of our small size, we're a full member of Association of Indonesia Tours & Travel Agency (ASITA), and The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)

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Responsible Action:

-local community involvement
-using local accommodation rather than international chain hotels






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Business Size: 5-15 employees
Ownership: Local
Traveler Volume: 251-500 / year

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