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Tierra del Volcan Ecoturism and adventure

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Tierra Del Volcán (Volcano Land) offer ecotourism & adventure travel in three traditional Andean Haciendas that surround majestic Cotopaxi. Trekking, horseback riding, climbing, cultural experiences & more…



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Tierra del Volcán (Volcano Land) functions in one of the most beautiful and privileged places in Ecuador, Cotopaxi, considered the highest active volcano in the world. Tierra del Volcán has three haciendas available in the foothills of different volcanoes that surround majestic Cotopaxi, each with its own magic, ecosystem and distinctive climate where you can experience the Andes in their maximum intensity, discovering the charisma of its inhabitants, the diversity of its natural settings, the energy of the high lands, the immensity of the mountains.
With us you will be lodged in fascinating hacienda houses and to experience the adrenaline rush of living an adventure with experts who will share unforgettable moments with you. A broad range of activities are available: Horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, rappelling, bird watching, camping, cultural experiences, and more.

Responsible Action:

Smart Voyager certified.
Each hacienda has an environmental management plan
Reforestation programs with native species.
Wetlands protection.
Educational programs in agriculture, ecotourism, conservation.
Pilot project for ecotourism certification.
95% of our employees are from the surrounding communities.
We train them in: hose keeping, first aid, custumer service.
We work and train local guides in horsback, cycling, canopy.
Respect to their culture.
Supporting the economical development of the area trough buying local products.
Eduction programs






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